2000-2014: Selected Items


To compile this collection, our group comprehensively reviewed Occidental College yearbooks, the Occidental or “Oxy Weekly” Newspaper, Occidental Faculty Meeting Minutes, Occidental Course Catalogues, and student organization materials and notes for the time period 2000-2014. Our goal is to provide varied perspectives on the campus culture of diversity, including student and faculty experiences, course content, institutional development, and more.


  • Dani Lyons
  • Gus Polstein
  • Hana Kaneshige
  • Mischa DiBattiste

Collection Items

<p>C.O.D.E. Demands Increased Diversity</p>
This article was one of the first articles about the Coalition at Occidental For Diversity and Equity. C.O.D.E follows in the footsteps of previous organizations on campus with the goal of increasing the campus diversity and ensuring that Occidental…

Occidental still &#039;need aware&#039; despite rumors
Although many have claimed that Occidental has accepted students on a "need-blind" basis, this article from 2012 points out that this is not the case.

Occidental has a very small endowment when compared to other schools. As the college has become…

&quot;Voices of Occidental: Straight from the Tigers&#039; Jaw - Students and Faculty Speak Out About Diversity on Campus&quot; - November 22, 2011, page 6-7, Occidental Weekly
One of The Weekly's Features from 2011, this two page spread includes thoughts from various students, faculty members, and staff.
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