This website compiles the work of students in independent research and classes to critically examine the college's history regarding diversity, inclusion, and equity, in relation to student experiences. This initiative was launched with Professor Donna Maeda in the Spring 2014 course "Culture and Community," in the Critical Theory and Social Justice Department of Occidental College. (about) In exploring these themes, the work is presented in exhibits and collections comprising items culled from the student newspaper, yearbooks, college publications and faculty minutes and original interviews conducted. In addition, an Analysis of Diversity, Reflections, Contribuors and Sources are available through the navigation bar.

Envisioned as repository for ongoing research under the direction of Dr. Maeda in collaboration with the college archivists, this website has been expanded to include further work of students in the Fall 2015 CTSJ 320 course, and two summer research projects of 2016 and 2017. The project as it was originally published in January 2015 is preserved in Occidental's web archives. (link).

Student work of 2014-2017 is presented in the following exhibits and collections

Oxy by Decades
CTSJ 320 students launch research into 5 eras between 1938-2014 to gather and analyze historical documents.

Oxy United for Black Liberation

Student activism leading up to and during the occupation of the AGC administration building in the fall of 2015.

Roots of Programs

The early history of four Oxy programs for underserved students.

In 2017 Dr. Donna Maeda was appointed Dean of the institute for Global  Citizenship, Macalester College. To learn more on how to use this resource or to continue research into College history, please contact Dale Ann Stieber, Special Collections Librarian/College Archivist at