This website compiles the work of a class called Culture and Community, in the Critical Theory and Social Justice Department of Occidental College. The aim of the students in the course was to critically examine the college's history regarding diversity, multiculturalism, and equity, in relation to student experiences. 

In exploring themes of Equity and Diversity, we have developed different sections for each time period. Our work is showcased in the following exhibits, collections, and items.

Recently Added Items

Administration and Faculty Timeline of Events

Faculty and Administration Timeline- OUBL Occupation.pdf

This item is a tracked account of the statements, and emails released by faculty and staff before, during, and after the occupation.

Dr. Margot Mifflin Interview Recording

Margot Mifflin Interview 10_16_2015.mp3

An audio recording of an interview with Dr. Margot Mifflin, an Occidental alumna and current professor of journalism at CUNY.

Qiu Fogarty Interview Document

Qiu Fogarty Interview Responses.docx

Interview question responses from alumna Qiu Fogarty, conducted Fall 2015 semester.